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About Stacy

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Stacy Gleich - Akashic Energy Healer finds her Purpose.

Energy4Living has evolved, as I continue to do, through the realisation I never fit into the preconceived idea of this “world”. I knew there was always more, I have searched for the last 30 years studying non-mainstream healing modalities with some of the best mentors in the world. Now I find myself opening my Akashic records and accessing that which is mine by past life birthright. I am here to lift awakening souls vibrational levels and heal those who seek my energy.

I am commonly asked how I do what I do. The only linear explanation can be compared to gravity, that which is energy and cannot be seen, produces a result however no-one questions it’s existence.

We live in an ever increasing vibrational dimension which has shifted hugely in the last few years. For myself, I claim this energy from my past incarnations on the many and vast planets and dimensions I once inhabited. I never question what I do, I acknowledge, trust and give gratitude for the ever increasing energy I absorb. The ability to be able to remove trauma from the energy of people who have been troubled, is a soul lifting experience, and one I always greet with awe and humility.

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    95% of the work I do is from my Akashic Records and 5% is from my formal training.

    Anatomy and Physiology – Australian Institute of Applied Sciences.

    Diploma as a Qualified Electro-Crystal Therapist – Oldfield College of London.

    Qualified Practioner in Signature Cell Healing.

    Clinical Hypnotherapist.

    Qualified Practioner in Genome Healing.

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